Healthcare policy of a political party

I was on  a call with a leading political party to discuss the Universal Health Coverage and i raised the following points for them to attend ;

1. Defining the UHC – We need to first define , what is Universal Health Coverage .
2. Focusing on execution – increasing the absorptive capacity on healthcare system – Even 1 % of GDP allocated to healthcare is not being used properly . How will we use 3 % ?
3.  Ideating the UHC model – whether it should be pay for use ( except for BPL ) ? Anything free will be worse than what we have today
4. Using technology including telemedicine and mHealth
5. PPP for healthcare outcomes and delivery

Hopefully , this party will be taking care of these points as well . This is the third political party that has sought my views on its Health Policy

Rajendra Pratap Gupta

One Comment on “Healthcare policy of a political party”

  1. Trying give free health care to all citezen of India does not appear to be sensible. those who really need it has be given free rest can pay atleast smalll amount to goverment atleast to decrease recurring cost.
    some good schems like Vajapay BPL scheem has given lot of benfit.
    yeshevini in karanatak has also done good work.
    Indian health care has change we find patients with BPL card but on careful observation many BPL card holder are not so poor than those who dont posses the BPL card.

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