NHS report is now available

The National Health Care Survey- ‘NHS -13’ report is now available.  NHS-13 is the first large-scale independent survey, which provides the latest first-hand information about the healthcare needs in both the urban and the rural parts of India. 



It is known that there is no regular survey or study that can independently access what the Indian consumer demands when it comes to healthcare.  In addition, available data on health care dates back to 2005-2006, and is often irrelevant when it comes to business planning or deciding healthcare policies and programs.


Given the need for a pan-India survey, ‘Global Advisory & Associated Services’ commissioned this study to access the users’ perspective on key healthcare issues.  India’s top public health institute and the local WHO Collaborating center – Indian Institute of Health Management & Research (IIHMR), was involved in the data collection and analysis.


This survey was supported by:

1)      Continua Health Alliance 

2)      Disease Management Association of India

3)      HIMSS India

4)      IIHMR, India



The survey was co-sponsored by EMC2, HP, Philips, and J&J.


Survey details:

This survey covers 12 states, and 58,099 people (12,212 households), across urban and rural India.


The report attempts to understand and give light on the following points, besides others:

1)      The perception and utilization of healthcare service

2)      Prevalence of illness in population and hospitalization

3)      The preference for healthcare facilities & examine the underlying factors determining the same

4)      Examine people’s openness to using technology & paying for EHR.  

5)      Examines the penetration of electronic communication devices and internet in healthcare

6)      Examines the various media platforms as a source for seeking healthcare information


Who could benefit from this study?

This survey would be of value to companies dealing in healthcare IT, medical devices, telemedicine & mHealth, hospitals, health insurance, preventive care and rural health. 


The report is available at USD 1500.00 (INR 90,000.00) + 12.36% Tax for non-Continua Members. Continua Members will receive this report at a special discounted rate of USD 1000.00 (INR 60,000.00) + 12.36% Tax.  Discounted rates are only applicable for orders placed before July 30, 2014.


Those interested, may contact Ms. Mevish P. Vaishnav at: indiachair@continuaalliance.org / surveymanager@outlook.com

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