NRHM – 12th Five year plan

Dear Blog Readers,

Thanks for reading the blogs . Also , thousands of people ( I believe that you are all NRHM employees or their friends , relatives or well wishers ! ) have asked me a few important questions like:

Will NRHM get extended after March 2012 ?

What will happen to NRHM after 2017 ?

Why are the temporary / contractual workers not being made permanent ?

Let me attempt to answer your questions based on my interactions with the relevant people ( based on informal discussions only  ).

Yes , the NRHM is getting extended beyond March 2012 till 2017 .

Beyond 2012, since the program has been the flagship program , the likely hood of extension beyond 2017 is ‘Politically’ certain.

Also, the government believes that , the permanent government employees don’t work as good as contractual employees , so the likelihood of your becoming permanent till 2017 looks ‘Bureaucratically’ difficult 

Since these answers are based on my informal discussions at the highest levels , you can be certain about some quotes mentioned above 

All the best .

Rajendra Pratap Gupta