Recommendations made yesterday to the Union Ministry of Health on Child Health


1. Start a chapter on Hygiene & oral care from class 3 onwards 
2. Must create animated pictures and video’s for children’s health that could be multilingual and can be screened nationally in classes 
3. Have a chapter and subject called ‘Essentials of health’ which is exam based 
4. Define child health and check up guidelines on the lines of vaccination charts till the age of 15 year 
5. Child obesity is a serious issue and this can be addressed by giving right knowledge about ‘Calorie exchanges’ . Since parents teach the children , they will also get educated on the same and impact the family’s health
6. Work outs and Yoga / mediation  must be introduced in all schools 
7. All schools must have ideal height / weight / age charts in all classes and this must be used every 6 months measuring these indices , and reported in the half yearly and annual report card. The same way as other marks and habits are reported in class report cards at the PTA 
8. Children do not realise the importance of having adequate quantity of water , and since in school they are some times restricted to go to toilets , it is high time that the guidelines are issued to all schools for water consumption in school and at home 
9. Junk foods needs adequate attention in school level awareness campaigns 


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